Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Nottingham Comic Con 'Forest Tales'

A few months back I was asked (as an exhibitor to this years Nottingham Comic Con) if I wanted to take part in an anthology book put together by Kev Brett, the organiser of NCC and who I finally had chance to meet at the recent ICE con in September.

Of course I said 'yes' and prompty forgot all about it until very near the deadline!

As it had to be 'all-ages' I originally was going to produce something cartoony, but asked my good friend Mo Ali to write me a story as I wasn't too confident in my own writing abilities.

Mo produced a cracking little tale but sadly it was thought to be a little too dark for the book, which is fine and totally my fault for making it too shadowy and grim :-) Less of the black ink next time I think!

With time of the essence I remembered what I originally planned to do, and jotted down a quick idea, roughed some pages up and I had my 4 pages. In just under 2 weeks I had the full strip done from story to full colours. It was quite tough as I wrote it as I was going along but as the story relied on repetition, I was able to re-use certain panels which obviously helped!

My originals are not the cleanest I've ever done as it was very rough with multiple drawings done, scanned from odd bits of paper and all put together in photoshop, but I'm pretty chuffed with the end result (as is Kev which is great). I was even quite pleased with the first bit of solo writing I've done for years.

It features a character I created years ago (who I always wanted to use again) and it was great fun to do even if the deadline was a very tight one... one of these days I will not leave everything to the last minute!

Next up are two pinup pieces I've been asked to do, then back to my much-delayed project. More on that later.

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