Wednesday, 22 February 2017

True Believers 2017

I attended my third True Believers con just a few weeks ago and it was without a doubt the best one I did.

Very easy to get to and held at a superb location at Cheltenham Racecourse, the event is run by Stuart Mulrain and his team and is up there with some of the best run cons I've been too.

I went with my friend John who had his own table selling his cool superhero themed business cards, my table was next to the small press area (much improved from where I was last year) and setup was easy and was done in plenty of time before the event opened at 10.30.

I was sat next to a very talented artist, Grahame Puttock who was great company during the day (check out his graphic novel) and remembered my name by the Wolfmen comics I did (those again!).

The day went by in a flash really, sold more books than I expected (better than both the other TB cons I'd been too), sold some art and prints and came away very happy and positive (a rarity for me I know!).

I even sold some books before the event even opened, when that happens you know you're in for good event. Lots of positive comments about my work and the books which bodes well for the release of Midnight Man 2 later this year (more on that very soon!).

As I was so busy I wasn't able to wander around and meet friends and other creators very much, but did manage to chat to Emily Owen, Chris Imber, Vince Hunt, Tony Esmond, Andrew Richmond among others (sorry if I missed anyone out). All in all a very good day and one event I'm looking forward to returning to next year.

I've been lucky to secure a table for this years Thought Bubble event in September this year, plus I've booked up for the fantastic Nottingham Comic Con again this year and am also planning on going back to Cardiff for the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo, a long drive for sure but a great little con. I don't do many cons (finances and travelling distance really) so have to choose the ones I do very wisely.

I'm also going to returning to help my friends at Accent UK out on a few books, which will be a lot of fun.

Before I go, spotted this review for Midnight Man (from last year) on the We Be Geeks website!