Friday, 8 December 2017

Midnight Man: Gunspace makes Pipedream Comics' top 10 best of 2017 list!!!

Following the books successful launch at the recent Nottingham Comic Con (I will do a con report soon!) the new Midnight Man book has been picking up great feedback!

We had a good review thanks to the guys on the Awesome Comics Podcast, and also Tony Esmond gave it a great review on his blog!

But best of all, the book has been featured in the top 10 'best of 2017' list from the guys over at Pipedream Comics!!

There were so many amazing books listed from number 40 onwards, but to be featured in the top 10 alongside such great books & creators such as 'Porcelain', 'NPC Tea', 'Samurai Slasher' and 'The Trolltooth wars' is a massive honour.

There is a vote to decide the overall winner, which you can vote for us here (if you like)!

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