Wednesday, 9 May 2018

An long awaited update, a new cover and decisions to be made!

Kept on meaning to write a new blog post, who knows if anyone actually reads them now but it helps me get my thoughts down, so in that respect I imagine it's worth it!

I did the True Believers Comic Festival in early February, after being ill again in January, then again with suspected food poisoning later on in Feb - not a happy time.

This was my 4th time doing this show and my expectations were good. Midnight Man: Gunspace had a very good launch in Nottingham in October last year and this was only the second show for the book so the omens were very good.

Sadly it was one of the worst shows I've done. Most of these shows start off quiet and pick up as the day goes on. This may have happened for others for not for me. It's true I'm not the most confident or assured person at these shows, I wish I was, but I always hope that the books themselves do the talking.

The show was incredibly busy (and there were so many talented creators there) it must have been hard for those there to decide what to spent their money on - but it wasn't on my books :-)

Was great meeting up with friends, but at the end of the day, these shows are there for you to sell your stuff, and if you're not doing that, then that's a problem. I spent most of 2017 with mild success at most shows but knew that the second Midnight Man book would help boost the table (and sales of the first book) but it didn't, at least not on this occasion.

I know this show could be a blip, but it certainly left me feeling very deflated, and with nothing booked until June (Cardiff) then that was a long way to go to pick myself up.

In that time I've been ill (again, as mentioned above) and had an amazing holiday to Mexico, where I became creatively restless and wanted to start something new soon as I got back.

It started off well, as I was asked to do the cover to the second issue of the 'Awesome Comics' anthology, by the three guys from the Awesome Comics Podcast (Vince Hunt, Dan Butcher and tony Esmond). They seemed to like it. Reaction was good online too, which was great.

Then I started to draw a page. I'm still on it now weeks later. I just can't get into it. My motivation is gone and it's like pulling teeth at the moment. I always knew this moment would come, when deep down I just didn't want to do it, but when you read others online so into creating their own books, you want to be like that too (and I still am to a certain extent) it's just the grind of sitting down for hours to draw a book that (let's face it) may or may not sell, is damn hard.

Thinking maybe I should do something else, get away from the style of work that I've done and break free, try my hand at an all-ages cartoon book. If I can find the right idea I might do that, but in the meantime I'm sat looking at that page again wondering if I'll ever finish it.

To be continued...

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