Monday, 20 August 2018

Gateway City & The Wolfmen Collected Edition

I was lucky to be able to contribute a postcard image for Russell M Olsen's fabulous 'Gateway City' book, now funding on kickstarter. Check it out here and look at how utterly gorgeous it is. I love Russell's work, and I was honoured to be among a selection of other artists producing these little A6 postcards for one of the stretch goals.

I met Russell I few weeks back at the recent 'True Believers Summer Variant' that I attended (only my second show of the year) and I had a really good time, sold a few books and met lots of people, Russell included.

I've recently done design and production work on Accent UK's 'Enter the Asylum' book (again featuring Russell M Olsen on one of the stories) and also helped out with the production of Gary Crutchley's stunning 'Hard Country' graphic novel. Both books had successful kickstarters and I also did the videos for both projects, something I'm doing more and more these days.

I also did a mock-up of what the complete book of 'The Wolfmen' would look like.

Had great fun doing that, it's certainly something I'd like to finish but the amount of time (and work involved) is something that I would need to look at if it was to progress.

Never say never!

My last show of the year will be Nottingham, always a favourite of mine.